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Why Teaching at Landi?

We have done some footwork surveying and information gathering about Landi. It receives generally great reviews and the least complaint from teachers, including great pay rate, reliable booking rate, and quick support. The following info is gathered from our FB community and other sources. You can learn more about the general job description and requirements here.


Landi offers career opportunities beyond the 25-minute lessons. Real engagement in the teaching profession, such as curriculum design, proofreaders, teacher- trainers, group mentors, moderators, local event coordinators and so much more.
Landi pays the relatively high rate starting on $22 per hour and has a 25-min class. Straightforward application process and usually a swift response within 24 hours.
I’ve worked for Landi for 16 months. For me, the pros are: I love the materials, though they’re not perfect…the 25 minute lessons don’t seem too much for the young kids..the operator support & live IT support for the platform..the money’s not bad…they fill 20/24 of my slots..teaching two kids at a time isn’t too taxing & works well..they’re very clear about expectations…can take 14 days’ leave per 6 month contract…you get paid 5 minutes per lesson to write up the student report & it’s just about enough time.


Time zones can initially cause confusion, however, teachers quickly adjust to the format and schedules after a few weeks of teaching.
Pretty strict on the expectations…I’m struggling with the minimum 12 hrs a week commitment. Some teachers have had difficulties with last minute cancellations.

Class Booking

How is the class scheduled and booked?

In general, teachers let us know when they are available, and we assign available students to the available teachers. REG teachers’ weekly schedules are available late on Sunday evening. EXP teachers’ schedules depend on demand, bookings can be 4 days in advance or with 5 minutes notice.

Many teachers worry about the 12 hours per week commitment but not getting enough booking, is it the case for Landi?

I have 11 out of my 12 hours booked consistently, looking at working with another school or digital marketing to supplement my income. Loving Landi in general though.
I am usually fully booked with Landi. You can also be a replacement teacher so if you have an open slot they can fill it. As a regular teacher, it is easy to get your professional bonus and you also get a bonus for good comments as well. The good comments bonus is a little harder to get you have to teach 140 students and have a 100% rating so you can make up to 12.5 a slot. It’s a really great company to work for. They are always trying to improve and really seem to care about their teachers. I don’t know about Dada but I hope this was helpful.
I had good bookings then lots of no-shows. Those no shows will pay you .36 to .82 cents average so for me it wasn’t worth it. Also, Landi wants you to clock in 1 hour ahead of the class, minimum 30 min. or again, a penalty. If you don’t mind the above, you’ll like Landi. Just show up, do a great job, pray for all your students show up and no one will bother you. I found the company easy to communicate with and who knows, maybe it would have a better experience if I had stayed with them, but after realizing I lost a potential 40 to 60 dollars over two days and that was going to be the trend, I had to leave. One person on Ding lamented they had 6 bookings and none of the students showed up. It’s the reality.

Do I get the same recurring students or different students each time?

REG teachers get ‘bound’ with students, so they see them weekly. EXP teachers give demonstration lessons and will usually see them only once

How flexible is the teaching hours?

Teachers can choose their available hours (with a minimum), however, once the hours have been agreed, we discourage teachers from altering. (DST is taken into account)

Bonus Structure

Professional bonus seems to be quite easy just be punctual and reliable.

Interview Tips

What are the ideal teacher qualities Landi looks for?

Children friendly
Animated and
Subject knowledge, for instance, math, science, English, etc.
have high moral standards for teaching children
demonstrate the characteristics of a role model
show excellent multi-tasking skills
have previous teaching experience
readily prepare and accept the training, support, and career development

What’s the interview process?

Phone screening and interview?
Interview over video?
Mock interview?
Training material?
CV / Resume screening
Mock Interview
Sign Agreement
Training & Orientation

Experienced vs. Regular Teaching Positions​

Is there any particular teaching background is required for this particular position?

EXP teachers MUST have a recognized teaching certificate

REG teachers MUST have some teaching experience

– Someone who has taught before and holds a recognized certificate knows to adjust their tone, repeat word often, read the Ss body language, asks CCQs, doesn’t talk too much, it is hard enough to learn how to teach online and ‘juggle’ 3 students and a ‘new’ platform without having to learn how to teach as well. EXP teachers are the ‘face’ of the company when potential new students have their initial demo lesson. A certificate is REQUIRED for EXP teachers, however, any form of teaching experience is acceptable for REG teachers.

Here are some thoughts about the differences between Experienced teaching position and Regular teaching position

Yes, there is a distinction between Experience teachers, who teach demo lessons to get students to sign up, and Regular teachers, who teach scheduled lessons. I work as a Regular teacher. Work hours are 4 hours weekdays, BJT 6-10 pm,all day weekends. My pay is $20/hour ( i.e. $10 dollars per 25 minute lesson + 5 mins memo writing)And we are paid if students don’t show up.

I’ve been with Landi for almost 5 months. If you are very reliable and do not cancel at the last minute and have a lot of positive energy and patience to give to students this is a great company to work for. They pay well and give great bookings for reliable teachers. I also like the platform.
Don’t do the experienced role if you have no shows you are not paid. Since you are doing trials it could be a lot of unpaid time for you. I’ve heard regular is better. It wasn’t for me. I also didn’t like messaging help on ding talk where everyone can see your IT issues.