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Why Teach at Palfish?

We have done some footwork surveying and information gathering about Palfish. It receives generally great reviews from teachers, including great pay rate, great teaching features, flexible teaching hours, reliable booking rate, and supportive community. Palfish taught over mobile devices, smartphone or tablet, but you also have browser option. The following info are gathered from our FB community and other sources. You can learn more about the general job description and requirements about Palfish and application guide.


Relatively good pay, especially when you join as official course teacher.
Majority of the teachers do satisfy working for Palfish and have good reviews.
Minimum teaching hours are 3.5 hours per week… schedule is completely flexible. Meaning you can open it as much or as little as you like. All lesson materials are provided, and it is a taught via video link in an app on your phone or iPad. You just need to make it fun and engaging!
Hire both Native and Non-native English teachers
Teach both children and adult, although mainly focuses on children course.
Freetalk – hit the “start tutoring” button and start teaching anytime and anywhere.
Live – you can make paid live shows if you have enough paying students and valuable things to share. The best thing about live lesson is that it is recorded, so even it’s over, it stays on PalFish where additional students can pay the fee to watch the replay.


The official kids’ course is great, but you must be a native English speaker from US/UK/Canada/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand. However, non-native English teachers can still enroll as a regular teacher.
Some teachers have trouble receiving the text message when verifying the account from certain countries.
Some “prep” work for new teachers to build up a more prominent profile and reputation to attract students. For example, lower the rate initially, share things on moments to engage students, etc. Once the reputation is built, many good things follow. Staller teachers earn from live streaming, more bookings from students, better rate, etc.

Class Booking

How is the class scheduled and booked?

Peak Beijing hours are 5:30pm-9pm M-F and 9am-9pm Weekends. Off-peak is 24/7.
Parents quite often book the trial on the day or a day or two before. Regular official students can book weeks in advance because they want the same regular slots with you.

Do I get the same recurring students or different students each time?

If you are an official kid teacher, then you’ll be focusing on teaching children with the official Palfish teaching material provided. Otherwise, you’ll be teaching a good number of teen/adults learners in Palfish community. Where students choose freely about their teachers. As a result, your teaching reputation, rating, number of hours taught, and the number of followers become an important factor if you’re able to get a good number of bookings and pay rate.

How flexible is the teaching hours?

The minimal teaching hour is 3.5 hours per week, but you can open it as much or as little (over 3 hours) as you like. A starting teacher would be good to open as much hour as you could to build up your reputation. Some of the recurring students like to get the same time each week, so would be a good idea to schedule 2-week ahead to let the students know.

You can make the changes daily, however, avoid short notice if possible. Especially for additional hours to get the last minute students for a free talk session. You can click “Start Tutoring” button to catch some students looking for teachers to practice English with.

Teaching Platform

Palfish has teaching platform mainly on the mobile device, smartphone and tablet. However, you can access on a laptop. For the mobile device, it should not be too old, otherwise you might encounter compatibility issue using the app 🙈 it means some slides don’t work properly.

Many compare Palfish with Cambly due to its similar teaching nature, both use mobile device and have free talk sessions. However, Palfish is certainly far more sophisticated than Cambly in terms of almost all the aspects, including rich feature, supportive community, great technologies, comprehensive teaching materials, good students booking rate, and more.


Hit the “start tutoring” button and start teaching anytime and anywhere. You can set your own rate and Palfish does not take the cut.

Official Kids Teacher

You must be a native English speaker from US/UK/Canada/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand. There are huge benefits for being an official kids teacher, including promoting you as a teacher, send the students and trial students your way, and provide all the course material. You’ll mainly teaching young leaner who signup the official Palfish English course.

There is an incentive tiered pay rate system where the more classes you teach (25-min class), the more you are paid per hour. The base rate is 50 rmb per 25 min class and an extra 5 rmb if you are on time to class, which means 55 rmb per class or 110 rmb per hour.

Build your reputation with Live Session and Moments

Beyond the great benefits mentioned earlier about earning via live session. Live streaming is also a good way to build a reputation by doing regular free live lessons. This method quickly builds up your followers and reputation as new students join your free live lesson to check you out. They often “follow” you if you run a good session and every time you update your “Moments” (similar to Facebook feed) followers will get a notification. Followers can be both students or fellow teachers.

During a live show, students can type their questions.
Pay to ask: You can set a fee to answer students questions. If you get paid if the question is answered.
Gift: Students can send you a gift (or donation), including during a free live).
Note: If you do not want to run the app on your Android or iOS you can use a browser version of the Live class platform. This makes using your PC or MAC to conduct a Live lesson possible (and much more versatile).

Custom Lessons

Here is where you can get creative and sell a course. You can sell upload the slides/photos of the lesson and set a price then it’ll undergo a screening process. It’s usually not too strict as long you have relatively good.

Interview Tips

The verification process will take up to 2 business days.


What’s the compensation and bonus structure?

Palfish pays if the student is no-show as long you are in class the entire time; Palfish pays half for cancellations by the student less than 3 hours before; Palfish does not pay if you are not booked but have a slot open.

Base pay: 110-150 RMB (US$16-21.74)
Trial class student sign up bonus: 200 RMB (US$29)

What’s the payment period and method?

Payment period – monthly.
Payment method – Payoneer or Chinese bank transfer. No other payment method offered.

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