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Why Teach at Hujiang?

Hujiang is a large language learning company beyond merely an English language subject in China. It has English teaching courses for children and adult, but currently, mainly focus on children. The pay at Hujiang is average, $16-20 as base pay. However, the book rate and course materials according to the community are excellent. The following info is gathered from our FB community and other sources. Apply or see job requirements.

Large Multi-Language Learning Platform

Hujiang is one of the largest E-learning language platforms in China. It covers multiple languages (English, European languages, Japanese, Korea) for all student ages, adults, exam prep, college-level students, and children. Hujiang has a strong focus in exam prep especially, whether it’s college entry exam, accounting/finance/business or career-oriented exams for students preparing to go study abroad. As of October 2017, they started to push for K-12 teachers.

Teaching Materials

Due to the focus in older age students and perhaps bit outdated tools, you might find their platform not as appealing nor as engaging as other platforms that teaches younger children.

Job Requirements for Hujiang

They are looking for native English teachers that speak English at an idiomatic level. The operating system of your computer should be a Windows computer, with the Internet connection of at least 10mbps, along with a high-quality headset. The peak hours that you will be teaching between 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm Monday to Sunday Beijing time. Those who are open to teaching on Saturday and Sunday will receive preferential treatment when applying. You should be certified in either TKT, TEFLTESOL, CELTA or similar to increase your chances of getting a job. They also offer Audio Only 9 am — 10.3pm 7 days a week. Audio classes: $12–16 and face to face $16–22. There are opportunities to do other roles as well. As an example, there are assessments of demo lessons to determine the level of students. Read more about Job Requirements on OETJobs


One teacher described “working for Hujiang is smooth”. Platform (CCtalk) and teaching materials are sound and easy to use.
You are nearly fully booked
and “nearly 100% booking rate”. Students consistently show up bright eyed and bushy tailed, eager to learn.
Professional and reliable. Pay on time and pay well. You know what you are getting, a flat rate per hour that doesn’t diminish.
A supportive community and internal staff.


You MUST have a teaching certificate (TEFL/TESOL/CELA or teacher license) to work for Hujiang and teaching experience is strongly preferred.
I don’t love like the 5-minute window between classes (not enough time to get to the next class and do required feedback).
The worst part about Hujiang was the long and laborious onboard process. Consist of a lot of training videos and Hujiang is quite strict with testing your learning as a teacher, but once on board, the job has been very straightforward.
The teacher review system is less transparent. It’s difficult to know the feedback from students directly but from internal QA team.

Class Booking

How is the class scheduled and booked?

The teachers open their time slots and the students will book the lessons.

Do I get the same recurring students or different students each time?

The teachers will get different students each time. However, if the student really likes the teacher, he/she will book that teacher’s timeslots consistently, then that teacher will get a regular student.

How flexible is the teaching hours?

The position is flexible because teachers just need to spare at least 10 hours per week to conduct lessons online. The peak hour for K12 is from 6pm-10pm on weekdays and 9am-10pm at weekends. The teacher can open the time slots in these times according to their own condition.

Interview Tips

What’s the interview process?

Apply via Oakary with required info including intro video, resume, etc.
Skype interview
Demo class interview
Self-access training
Live training with Hujiang’s trainer
Sign the contract and Happy teaching!

Interview Tips

Skype interview with the HR — Some common questions about yourself, teaching experience, and the Internet speed.
Demonstration class after a successful interview. You’ll receive a lesson and instructions on how to use Hujiang’s teaching platform, CC Talk, to deliver a demo. During this demo session, HR will mock the interview by pretending a student to assess your teaching skills.
If you pass the demo class, you’ll receive a paid training course online with the guidance of a trainer.


What’s the compensation and bonus structure?

The base rate for the K12 teachers is US$16-20/hour
Bonus (referral bonus + quality bonus + performance bonus)
Performance Bonus is determined based on the following 3 areas: (1) Full Attendance (2) Quality Assurance Our Quality Assurance team will run quality checks randomly on each teacher with recorded classes and provide feedback to the teacher quarterly. A bonus for teachers whose teaching performance is over 90% of the QA score every time, will be rewarded. (3) New student enrollment Quality Assurance and New Student Enrollment Bonuses are evaluated and issued on a quarterly basis.

Student No-Show

For adult lesson, Hujiang will pay 50% of your rate; For K12 lessons, it’ll pay 100% your rate.

What’s the payment period and method?

Payment period – bi-weekly.
Payment method? Payoneer.

About Hujiang

Hujiang EdTech, China’s leading e-learning platform with over 140 million registered users, is hiring online K12 ESL teachers & instructors globally!

Ready to teach for Hujiang? Read the job requirements and Apply here