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Can you be an ESL teacher if you can understand and communicate fluently in English? The answer is certainly not! Teaching the English language to foreigners is a lot more than that. Teaching English as a Second Language is about generating the appropriate learning technique and environment for students because everyone learns differently. Therefore, you will need to implement various teaching materials until you find the perfect one that works for your students. Occasionally, ESL teachers must utilize all of them to help the students improve their speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills.

If you teach ESL either online or abroad, you may be bestowed with a curriculum and ready-made lesson plans. However, you may need to improvise because sometimes you are asked to prepare the lessons and teaching materials by yourself. Especially when you conduct or manage your own private English lessons, you can arrange your classes however you want.

We have accumulated the ultimate English teaching resources for ESL teachers to help you find an ESL teaching job or organize your lessons and engage your students.

1. ESL Library

ESL Pricing
ESL Pricing

ESL Library is one of the ideal online resources that provide excellent ESL teaching materials. You will find unlimited practices and activities suitable for your students, whether you are teaching grammar, sentence structures, dialogues, or debates. The site is used by millions of ESL teachers all over the world. The teaching substances are effective and diverse in the format: PDF, flashcards, charts, lists, assessment forms, cheat sheets, templates, video lessons, etc.

ESL Library membership begins at $5.42 per month. It is possibly worth it because it provides the variety of topics it covers, 500 ready-to-teach lesson plans, and 2,000+ printable teaching materials. It also consists of trending topics and current events in its lessons, making them applicable and functional.

2. Oxford Seminars

Oxford University courses

Oxford Seminars was established in 1992. This company offers accredited TESOL/TEFL/TESL Certification Courses and supplies teaching resources and job postings to assist ESL teachers in finding the right chances. Their courses are available in 100+ cities around U.S and Canada. There are lesson activities, lesson schemes, teaching resources such as flashcards, printable photos, games, and quizzes available for free download. Furthermore, potential ESL teachers can find travel tips, general teaching guidelines, and job postings on its website.

3. BusyTeacher

BusyTeacher website

BusyTeacher is a community for English teachers where they share FREE printable worksheets and a ton of activities that can be used in class. You don’t need to sign up or pay any membership fees. The worksheets are properly categorized based on the topics (music, mass media, politics, for example) and skills (reading, grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing, etc.) You can discover English learning materials for young students and adults that touch everything from grammar to pronunciation.

Some other fun substances that our ESL teachers love to use from BusyTeacher are their 363 warmers and fillers because they help plan a smooth lesson. They also can be a pleasure and appealing way to review lessons you taught in the past. One of the most favored time fillers is the Twenty Questions game. You (or a student of choice) must think of a person or object to play this game. Your students then get 20 opportunities to ask yes/no questions and guess the object/person you (or their classmates) are thinking of. There are activities for all levels and ages on this website that you can use in your class.

4. TESOL Association

TESOL Internation Association Website

TESOL Association is an international organization that has been around for over 50 years. It is a supportive community to assist teachers, researchers, and students. This association contains a ton of ESL teaching resources from lesson schemes, activities, teaching tips to virtual seminars, events, and educational sessions. There are academic resources such as TESOL books, journals, white papers, research, and reports. To become a TESOL member, you have different pricing and subscription plan options for professionals, low-income or new professionals, students, retirees, and save more with the 2-year plan.

5. ESL Jobs Forum 

ESL Jobs forum

ESL Jobs Forum or ESL Employment is an ESL/EFL job resource website. This is the best place for English teaching job seekers because the threads are well structured and retained. They also provide teaching resources, listing educational websites and popular blogs by other fellow educators. The job board is broken down by continents/countries and online vs. offline.

6. English Teacher Site


The EEnglish Teacher Site, also known as the International Association of English Language Teachers (IAELT), was established in 2011. It contributes to the ESL teaching community by providing free resources to English teachers and students. There are academic articles, general English exercises, creative writing topics, grammar lessons, ready-made lesson plans, teaching tips, vocabulary worksheets, speaking, writing, listening, and reading assignments. They are all accessible at your fingertips, ready to be downloaded and employed in your class.

7. Let’s Teach English

Lets Teach English Website

We have plenty of resources for ESL teachers. Here’s a guide to getting started as an online ESL teacher. Let’s Teach English also has an inclusive country-by-country guide for teaching English abroad. Loads of our articles are contributed by fellow ESL teachers, such as online teaching company reviews, testimonials, personal teaching experiences, ESL Teachers Group and Lounge online forums, etc. You can find tons of English teaching opportunities, both online and abroad, currently available through our Let’s Teach English.

8. ESL Printables

ESL Printables

The ESL Printables site looks jammed and flooded with information at first, but it has some of the perfect resources that will guide you to arrange your English lessons. It operates on a give-and-receive principle: you must contribute your teaching resources to download somebody else’s. It is free to register as a member. Whenever you submit a printable or PowerPoint or an online exercise, you will earn points instantly. You will be able to use that points to download existing teaching substances. If you are an active contributor, you will become a premium user and receive 30 free downloads every day without using your points. Your contributions must be ESL resources.

The ESL teaching substances on ESL Printables differ in topics: from television to hobbies, to music, and more. There’s an online forum accessible to registered members, where you can post inquiries, share ideas and get advice from fellow ESL teachers.

9. Dave’s ESL Cafe

Daves ESL Cafe Website

The popularity of Dave’s ESL Café has increased over the recent years, and it includes not only English learning and teaching materials such as grammar lessons, quizzes, idioms, and slang, but teaching resources as well. You can discover job boards for different countries, current job postings and promote yourself as an English teacher to recruiters active on the form. It provides an enormous audience, from online to abroad ESL teachers, English students, and recruiters.

10. Facebook Groups

There are numerous cooperative Facebook groups that can connect you with other fellow ESL teachers, students, and employers. You can obtain teaching tips, advice, reviews, and current job postings and referral links. Some examples are the Online English Teaching Jobs Facebook groupOnline ESL Job Reviews Facebook group, and Teach English Abroad Jobs Facebook group.

Generally speaking, there are lots of golden opportunities for ESL teachers, either online or abroad. You need to invest a little bit of time researching your options because the more prepared you are, the more gratifying your experience will be. Your effort will be completely worth it! And I hope these resources will help you find the right teaching opportunity and encourage you to teach ESL more efficaciously.

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