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Top 10 Best Companies To Work For Online English Teaching

Online English teaching is one of the fastest growing online careers. There’s a huge demand for English language learning in Asia, in particular, and especially in China. In fact, according to the consultancy firm iResearch, the market for online English lessons for China in 2016 was worth $4.5 billion dollars and that number is only growing. 51Talk, a Chinese-based online ESL company, for example, is now listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and they have over 100,000 quarterly active students.

How to find the best online English teaching company?

So, with all these new online ESL companies to cropping up, how can you find the best online language company to work for? It’s difficult to cut through the noise and find the best English teaching companies, but luckily, we’ve made this list to help.

Here are our Top 10 Best Online ESL Companies, in no particular order, based on reviews from teachers from our Facebook Group, Online ESL Reviews. If you’ve had a great experience teaching online with a different company, please head on over to the Facebook group and post about your experience.


According to reviews by teachers, QKids is a great company to work for because their platform has a built-in rewards program for students. Additionally, the lesson plans are already prepared and vary in content. Teachers love teaching online English with QKids because classes are pre-booked for you. Teachers also reference an accommodating and friendly staff.

Read more about how to teach English online with QKids.


Landi is another great company for teaching English online to students in China. Teachers note that Landi pays on time and has an online chat for notifications, plus a help desk team for troubleshooting or computer-related issues. Teachers for Landi also have mentioned that the hiring process is rather quick. Why teach at Landi?


Hujiang allows you to record your own intro video so that students can select you. Why teach at Hujiang?

Teachers consistently mention that Hujiang pays on time, and even pays early in the case of Chinese holidays, whereas other companies have been known to delay payments. Hujiang also offers a program to teach kids, as well as a program to teach English to adults online.


Teachers cite that teaching online English with Dada includes a very fast onboarding process, which means you can start teaching quite quickly. Teachers also mention that they love DaDa’s platform.

Additionally, Dada recently amended their leave policy to allow for more flexibility for teachers, as long as they request leave at least 24 hours in advance.


PalFish is an app that allows teachers to set their own hourly rates, which many teachers find quite flexible. Here’s the guide for new teachers and Why teach at Palfish?


Teachers who work for Alo7 mention an excellent support team. Teachers also mention having great training with Alo7, which includes a demonstration lesson for each type of class that’s available.


Teachers who teach English online with VIPKID consistently mention that you have a flexible schedule, and great materials to work with, which are continually upgraded.

Note that VIPKID does require a college degree.

Magic Ears

Teachers mention that the Magic Ears community is very non-competitive and friendly. Since Magic Ears books the classes for you, you don’t compete with other teachers. Additionally, Magic Ears doesn’t have minimum hour requirements, which gives greater flexibility to teachers. Here are the reasons teaching for Magic Ears.

Whales English

Whales English (formally Sprout) pays relative great hourly rates. Average pay rate of $18-$25 per session. Some well qualified and advanced teachers reach $30+ per hour. Read the full job details.

They are currently seeking teachers from the US, Canada and the UK with a neutral accent. You must have a bachelor’s degree or above and although it is not required, a TEFLTESOL or other teaching certificate is preferred. You will be teaching during typically Chinese peak hours of 6-9 PM Beijing time along with hours during the day and night on the weekends. Classes are group lessons of 2-3 students aged 5-15. There are consistent hours for regular teachers.

Why teach for Whales English?


Teachers mention that SayABC books your classes for you, and offers a fairly consistent schedule. Teachers mention that SayABC offers some of the highest rates for teaching English online, as they pay up to $28 for a 40-minute lesson. Why teach at SayABC?

Where are you going to apply to teach English online?

Again, these reviews were taken from the Online ESL Reviews Facebook page. We hope that you’ll join the group and post your own review of any Online ESL companies that you’ve worked for—whether good or bad.