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Teaching English Abroad in Shanghai, China

What You Should Know About Teaching English Abroad in Shanghai, China

If you’re considering to teach English abroad in China, Shanghai can be a great fit for you! You’ll get to visit the world-famous waterfront called “The Bund”, beautiful temples, the booming skyscrapers on Nanjing Road, the traditional old houses and alleys in Tianzifang. Additionally, for foodies, what’s better than tasting the real Shanghai xiaolongbao and dumplings!

Nicknamed “Pearl of the Orient”, Shanghai is considered one of the world’s greatest city by CNN Travel for many reasons. There are endless entertainment activities, while job opportunities are also abundant. It’s the largest center of finance and commerce in China with numerous international companies. Thus, some call Shanghai “the New York City of the East”.

Here are things you should know about teaching ESL in Shanghai, China:

Shanghai Facts

With a population of 26+ million, Shanghai promises a thrilling, fast-paced big city life. It’s unique because, while less traditional than Beijing, Shanghai is a blend of the old and the new China. You’ll find colonial architecture among giant skyscrapers – a mix of East and West. The weather here is subtropical with four distinct seasons. It’s hot in the summer yet winter is quite mild and not as cold as Beijing. The main language used in Shanghai is Mandarin.

The average ESL teacher salary in Shanghai, China is quite high, around 191,872 Chinese Yuan or $27,807 per year, according to Payscale. Yet the source says it can even be as high as 411,000 CNY or $59,562 annually.

Shanghai is among the top four first-tier cities in China. Your English teaching monthly salary range in Shanghai would look like this:

Public school: $1,500 – $2,500
Language center: $1,800 – $2,800
International/private school: $2,500 – $4,500
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Why Teach English Abroad in Shanghai, China

Shanghai is a vibrant international hub that is probably more progressive than any other places in China. Therefore, that would make your transition to a new life in China as a foreigner become much easier. Although the competition for ESL teaching jobs in Shanghai is fierce, there’re tons of opportunities when you’re looking at such a huge population and demand for learning English. The benefits are great as most schools provide free accommodation, flight allowance, health insurance, and Chinese lessons.