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Teaching English To Adults Online: 8 Online Companies To Look Out For

If you don’t like teaching children then, don’t fear, as you can have access to a whole range of teaching positions as online TEFL/TESOL/ESL teachers where only adults are taught. If you want to teach English to adults online, keep reading to find out which online ESL schools are the best.

Though teaching English might be your most vital point, children may not be. You can teach English to adults online instead if you have a TEFL/TESOL certification.

Online schools offering one-on-one or group ESL classes to adults are numerous and accept students older than 18.

If you want to teach adults English online, you must first complete their application.

It’s easy to get a job teaching adults English online at any of these eight online ESL schools if you’re eligible.

Top online ESL schools to teach English to adults

When it comes to pay and working hours, many options are available for online teaching. Read on the following eight online ESL adult education companies to find out what suits your career goals.

1. English First

While English First does not primarily educate adults, you might focus on providing adult English lessons online.

You’ll engage in group discussion lessons or one-on-one workshops, which excellent educational materials will accompany.

Depending on the format, classes can run from  20 to 45 minutes, and you’ll be paid between $12 and $19 an hour (based on experience).

You’ll need a passport from the United Kingdom or the United States, as well as native fluency in the language. Remember, to work in the United Kingdom or the United States; you must have the legal right to do so.

A Bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification are also required.

2. Tutoring

Tutoring operates in the same way as a marketplace does for English tutors.

You must register and build a profile and list your qualifications, experience, and fees on your account. Students choose online English tutors that are a good fit for them.

You pick your own hours and pay, and you can teach lessons at any time by changing your status to “Online.”

Teaching resources are available from the online ESL school to assist you in tutoring your adult English students.

You’ll require a  minimum of a bachelor’s degree, a TEFL certificate, two years of teaching experience, and fluency in English.

3. Learnlight

Learnlight provides excellent options for TEFL teachers who want to teach business English to adults online.

The company connects you with industry professionals wanting to learn English online and delivers online courses to adults in over 100 countries.

One-on-one workshops, group lessons, specialized training, and assessments would be available. Learnlight offers an interactive library with study material to assist you.

You must work a minimum of 10 hours per week, and the salary is competitive.

A TEFL certificate and at least two years of teaching experience are required.

A degree isn’t required. If you’re looking for other online TEFL teaching jobs that don’t need a degree, take a look at this page.

4. Verbling

Verbling is another online teaching marketplace where you can build a profile and connect with adult students looking to learn English.

You’ll teach students all over the world through private one-on-one video lessons.

You have to apply as an English native speaker, and then you can set your own rates and timetable

You don’t need a bachelor’s degree. However, you would need a standardized teaching credential, such as a TEFL certificate.

5. SkimaTalk

SkimaTalk is a marketplace for adult English learners to interact with TEFL teachers.

For 25-minute one-on-one video sessions, you set your own schedule and pricing. You’ll have to create your own curriculum and look for instructional materials.

New students are entitled to three free classes. You can then charge any rate you want after that.

You must be from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Ireland and speak Native English.

Although experience and a teaching certificate aren’t needed, having a TEFL would place you ahead of the competition.

6. Topica Native

Topica Native is a Southeast Asian online ESL school located in Vietnam. There are enough classes to keep the 2000 teachers busy with more than 50,000 adult students.

You’ll teach hour-long conversational English courses to university students. The school will provide you with the required teaching materials.

Twenty hours of work a month are guaranteed, with wages varying from $8.50 per hour to $16 per hour based on the experience.

A TEFL can help you hit the higher pay bands, even though the experience isn’t needed.

7. Vietnam E-Space

E-Space Vietnam is an online ESL provider for children and adults.

You may choose to teach individual adult lessons to train students for English exams, including TOEIC, IELTS, and TOEFL.

You’ll be dealing with high-level students who are all employees of large companies like Pepsi Co.

You will be compensated 20-25 dollars an hour, and you will have to work a minimum of 10 hours per week.

It’s preferable to have experience and TEFL certification

8. Voxy

Adult ESL students can take English lessons from Voxy teachers online.

You’ll be hired on a part-time basis to conduct private and group lessons using Voxy’s educational materials.

You’ll cover anything from exam English to business English.

For an hour of online English training and five minutes of planning time, you will be paid $17.50.

You must have a bachelor’s degree or a TEFL certificate, and you must work at least 10 hours per week.

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