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Step-by-Step Guide to Writing an ESL Teacher Resume

Make a Perfect Resume for Teaching Positions

How can I make a resume to help me get a job as an ESL teacher online?

There are various methods, some of which are just as good as what you read in this article.

The most important thing is to consider what the schools are searching for and build a cover letter for any application you submit. Yes, you can take the opportunity to inform the school that you have read the criteria and, therefore, should indicate how you fulfill them. Don’t be a slacker!

A resume for an online teaching position varies significantly from a resume for a conventional teaching position. Just remember this when we explain to you how to build a top-quality resume.

Cover Letter

When you’re feeling lazy, recall Jackson Brown’s quote, “Remember that winners do what losers don’t want to do.” When it comes to composing a cover letter, do not take shortcuts!

Note that most other teachers would submit a generic cover letter with their CV/Resume. A generic cover letter isn’t a deal-breaker, but getting one tailored to each school you’re applying to might be the extra touch that catches their eye. The best way to form a cover letter is to

write to show that you are a good candidate for the job. Create the letter by following their specifications. It’s so simple, and writing a new cover letter for each school where you apply for your resume would take very little time.

You can also provide what sets you apart from other teachers, in addition to fulfilling all of their standards. Remember to provide important information about teaching children if the students are children. Let them know, for example, if you have any props that will keep the kids engaged and enthusiastic. Demonstrate your understanding of and capacity to use Total Physical Response (TPR).

If you’re teaching adults, emphasize how your previous work experience would benefit adult ESL students in the workplace. The British Council website has a detailed list of English lessons for adults.

More importantly, you can create an introduction video similar to this one to show your teaching abilities. Using this intro video template and guide, learn how to make a self-introduction video.

Other factors to consider when applying for a position as an online ESL teacher are mentioned below.
  • If you are an English teacher who is a native or non-native speaker of the language, then do you have a neutral accent or any other accent. Many schools prefer accents from the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • Do you hold a TEFL, TESOL, CELTA/DELTA certification, a State-issued teaching license, or any other certification?
  • Teaching experience in English or ESL, or any related tutoring and teaching experience.
  • What is your educational background? Are you a Bachelor’s degree holder? And have you majored in English or Education?
  • Your connection’s Internet speed and whether it’s wired or wireless. Include a backup link if you have one.
  • What city are you in right now? Yes, certain schools demand that you teach from a particular country, affecting your ability to find work.
  • What kind of computer device are you using, and do you have a backup? As an example, include requirements such as memory, OS version, and camera.
  • Your classroom setting and materials, such as any props or whiteboards you’ll use during the classes.
  • Please mention that you’ve got a good quality headset and camera. Suppose you don’t already have any of these. In that case, you should get them because the visual and audio quality will influence the students’ learning experience.
  • On your resume, have a new, professional-quality photo of yourself.
  • You should have an introduction video uploaded to YouTube or shared via a cloud storage service such as Google Drive. Yeah, YouTube is blocked in many Chinese schools, but some can use a VPN to get around it. Find out how to do so.
  • Finally, use this definitive guide to online ESL teaching as a checklist to ensure you’re not missing something and that your teaching abilities fulfill their requirements.

Requirements for a Basic Resume

These are a few things that any resume should provide, regardless of the position or type of job:

  • At the top and bottom of the resume, make sure to add your name and contact details.
  • The recruiters usually contact you by email. If you frequently travel, though, you can have a Skype ID or, better yet, a Skype number or other option that helps you get a constant number that can be forwarded to your local number.
  • Make your resume simple and to the point. Use Arial or Times New Roman or any of the other popular fonts. Use black as your primary color, with bolded letters when required and dark grey when essential. If you’re going to have links, make sure they’re all blue.
  • Other components include education, experience, awards, skill sets, certifications, and other appropriate recommendations if you have one.
  • Finally, make sure your goal is aligned with the school and the job you are seeking. If you’re applying to 51Talk, for example, you should specify that your purpose is to educate adults. If you’re applying to Gogokid, make sure your aim is straightforward and based on educating kids.
  • Get your resume in pdf format, if necessary. Check to see if the school has a particular format requirement. If they do, then you need to convert it. Still double-check the conversion. During the conversion process, the formatting can change.
Additional Details for an Online ESL Teacher's Resume

The key objective is to demonstrate to the prospective employer that you appreciate what they need of you as an online ESL teacher. Let’s go into the elements that are unique to online English teaching.

Are you a native or non-native English speaker?

Some schools have clear preferences, particularly when it comes to conversational English. Making a list and informing the employer ahead of time would save both you and the recruiters time and effort. Yes, we all know that a significant dispute is taking place about what is native and non-native. The optimal strategy is to target the right jobs and consider the employer’s preferences so that no party is disappointed.

Certificates such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, among others

It is vital to get the credentials mentioned. If you’re teaching English as a second language in China, you’ll need one. Make it a priority to bring it up right away. Whenever appropriate, attach the ESL teaching certificate.

Internet Connection

It is crucial to provide an active and stable Internet connection when teaching ESL online. It is preferable to provide a wired connection rather than just a strong connection. For both uploading and streaming, most online teaching firms would require that the Internet speed be at least 5 MB/s. Before you go on an online interview, check the Internet speed.

The Present Location

Make sure to mention your present location. Some online teaching firms have a technological limitation, which restricts their teachers to the area where they can recruit teachers to ensure lessons’ smooth operation.

Environment of Teaching

When it comes to getting a job and keeping students happy, having a peaceful, clutter-free classroom atmosphere is a valued advantage. It would be great if any of the students returned the favor, but we do not live in an ideal world.

If you have some learning materials, such as a whiteboard, include them in your environment description. If you’re teaching kids, you can also consider purchasing some props.

Equipment for teaching

List the computer type, operating system, memory size, and processor type you’re using. Include the type of camera you have and whether you have a good headset with a noise-canceling microphone.

List the sort of headset you’re using to teach in, as long as it’s a good one. An essential piece of equipment that you can possess during teaching is a high-quality headset.

The Introduction Video

Since you are teaching online, make an introductory video that explicitly indicates that you have a headset, a clean backdrop and that you can be heard clearly. Demonstrate that you are a professional online teacher. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making a fantastic intro video.

What to include in your video can be a lengthy subject that deserves its own post. Spend some time writing a quick script about what you’ll say in your video. Make a few recordings before you’ve perfected it. The video may not have to be very long, but it may be between 2 and 5 minutes long.

Include details about yourself as well as how you can assist students in learning during your online lessons. If you concentrate on educating kids, now is a great time to pull out some pops and demonstrate your backboard. On the other hand, if you’re coaching adults, make sure you’re dressed in professional clothing.

Please note that YouTube has some editing features that are relatively easy to use when you upload your video. Use QuickTime to record your video and audio if you have a Mac. If you’re using Windows, you can capture your video using various applications such as ManyCam.

Resume Examples

Here’s a sample of a resume for a job teaching English as a second language online.

Experienced Teacher Cover Letter Example

Dear [name of company],

Since reviewing the specifications, it seems that I will be an excellent match for your company and the adorable kids you teach. I am familiar with teaching US Common Core State Standards since I am from the United States and have a bachelor’s degree in teaching English. I’ve been teaching online for three years and in-person for over five years for children aged 5 to 10. Total Physical Response is something that all of the teachers in my school system and I use (TPR).

I went through the criteria for the number of hours a week as well as the peak periods. Since I am a stay-at-home mum, this works well for me. Fortunately, I have a private area of my home where I can teach and a range of props and a whiteboard to use during the classes.

There is no difficulty fulfilling all of the technical specifications that I see here. My computer is a newer Dell (Intel i5 8GB RAM) with Windows 10 and the most recent virus protection. I even have a top-of-the-line Logitech headset, which comes with an HD camera that works well. As I previously said, I have been teaching online for a long time and have all of the necessary equipment. My connection is a wired DSL connection with 45 megabits per second up and 30 megabits per second down. You can find a connection to my speed test results in my attached resume. Finally, I’ve updated the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

You will find that I am one of the most energetic teachers you have ever encountered, in addition to meeting all of the criteria. My passion is teaching, and I am excited about collaborating with you. I’m a member of one of the VIPKid teacher recruitment Facebook groups. Most of them remind me of myself, which is why I decided to apply to your fantastic company.

I hope to have the opportunity to talk with you shortly.


Julie Vanderson

No Experience Cover Letter Example

Greetings, DaDaABC!

After reviewing all of the conditions mentioned here, it seems that I will be a good match for your business and, in particular, the students I would be teaching. I was born in Canada and now live in Thailand. The atmosphere in which I work is peaceful. A whiteboard and props can be seen in the backdrop of the room where I will be teaching children aged 5 to 12. Total Physical Reaction (TPR) is also an important aspect of my lessons to keep the kids involved. My 120-hour TEFL degree has helped me appreciate students’ needs.

It’s not difficult to commit to a six-month contract. I’m hoping we will sign an extended deal because I want to be committed to one job for a long time. My laptop is a Toshiba with a great HD camera, a fast processor, and 8GB of RAM. My Logitech headset is one of the most recent models and is of excellent design. My Internet service is reliable, with a download speed of 35 Mbps and an upload speed of 25 Mbps where I live. I still have a backup link in case anything goes wrong. The last technological prerequisite is a Chrome browser, and I have that too.

I assume I would make an outstanding DaDaABC tutor. To ensure that all children have the best time possible, I will engage with them fairly and excitingly. During the demo course, be ready to ensure that you use proper teaching methods, have frequent interaction with students, offer extensive and straightforward explanations on language points.  It is crucial that you also correct student errors promptly.

Please see the attached resume for the rest of my credentials and experience. Beyond what is on paper, you will see a person that is exceptionally passionate and dependable. I eagerly await the chance to meet with you and complete the application process.


Sandy Martinez


Make sure you’re following up with the schools you’ve applied to. If you also find someone who offers a reference to the company to which you apply, contact the teacher who refers you to the school. Inform them that you are applying, that you have used their referral link, and that you would like some assistance. They earn fees on each referral, so they are more than happy to assist.