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Necessary Inquiries About Teaching English Abroad In Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan skyline over National Taiwan University

Taiwan is a magnificent country located on the west bank of the pacific and south-east of the Asian continent. The country has a dense population, and it is very well-developed in terms of economy, technology, and transportation. Also, you can find tons of tremendous opportunities to become an ESL teacher in this unique country.

This article will list down some necessary inquiries that are often asked by job seekers about teaching English abroad in Taiwan, such as:

1. Can I Get an ESL Teaching Job in Taiwan?

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You must be an English native speaker to apply for an ESL teaching job in Taiwan. Consequently, they only preferred citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, or South Africa to teach English in the country. Moreover, you are also demanded to have at least a 2-year Associate Degree and a certificate of TEFL or TESOL (most schools favor a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree).

After fulfilling the requirements above, you need to reach 20 years old and above to get a work visa in Taiwan. You also should pass a criminal background check along with a health check so that the visa will allow you to achieve your Alien Resident Certificate.

It is not recommended to set foot in Taiwan with a visitor visa and then decide to find a job there as it is considered illegal and risky for foreigners. If Taiwan’s immigration discovers this, you will not be granted a visa anymore, or worse, you will be barred from entering the country for five years.

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2. How Much Income Will I Earn As An English Teacher in Taiwan?

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You will earn an average of $16 to $23 per hour and teach English for about 30 hours per week. Your monthly salary comes from around $2,000 to $2,400 for teaching English in a public school. If you are an English teacher in a private school, you will get $1,400 to $2,100 per month. Performance bonuses, housing allowances, and overtime payments are not included in the estimations.

The income of being an English teacher is more than enough to support your living expenses in Taiwan. The rent for a single room as low as $180, and an entire apartment’s price with two or three bedrooms is $600. Meals cost around $3 to $5 for foreigners at a typical restaurant. You will pay higher than that at Western-style or other fancy restaurants. In conclusion, ESL teachers can save a lot of money while living in Taiwan.

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3. Where Is The Perfect Place to Live in Taiwan?

Keelung, Taiwan Skyline

There are four major cities which are the best place to live for ESL teachers:

  • Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan and also the largest town in the country. This is the perfect place for foreigners because it has the highest number of English teaching jobs. The city is also the center of publication, art, and music. However, the cost of living here is tremendously expensive, with fierce competition in getting a job. 
  • Kaohsiung is an industrial city located in Southern Taiwan, and it is also the second-largest town after Taipei. It has state-of-the-art amenities, yet so many Westerners living in Taiwan still do not know about it. The population of ESL teachers here has grown exponentially over the past few years.
  • Taichung is situated a few hours from Southern Taipei, and numerous English teachers live in the place. It is the third biggest city in Taiwan with inexpensive real estate, and it has the best weather every year in this country. However, the small town is loaded with restaurants and bars owned by foreigners.
  • Tainan is the smaller city in Taiwan with the least English teaching jobs, but it has no intense competition in getting hired here. You will experience a little bit of cultural shock here if you cannot understand the language. Nonetheless, small foreign communities live in the area, and you can try to link up with them.

4. What Are The Categories of Teaching Jobs in Taiwan?

Teaching English abroad in Taiwan is categorized into four types, which are:

  • Private schools (including “buxibans” also known as personal after-school for children)
  • Public schools
  • Universities
  • Tutoring

5. Is It Safe to Live in Taiwan?

Learning the local language is not an obligation, but it will make things easier for you. There is a vast Buddhist population in Taiwan with so many vegetarian options. They are incredibly kind, and you may get special treatment from them for being a foreigner. It is easy enough for you to fit in the community since many foreigners live and teach in the country.

The transportations are very convenient in huge cities like Taipei and Kaohsiung because most local people are very dependent on public transports. Having your car is considered a luxury in Taiwan. There is a free Go Bus equipped with great comfortable chairs and televisions that can travel in every city of Taiwan.

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