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How To Get A Teaching Job at SayABC

This guide is for you if you are looking to work for a job at SayABC. In the case you have not done the initial signup, please use this link to register for SayABC.

Find out all career qualifications and the full school reviews for SayABC

An Overview SayABC’s Teaching Role

SayABC is a sister organization of VIPKID, but it is managed by separate management. Teachers at VIPKID say that the booking rate at SayABC was higher and more stable than their experiences at VIPKID. VIPKID emphasizes one-on-one teaching, while SayABC focuses on 1 to up to 4 students. If you haven’t taught many children in one classroom environment before, teaching at SayABC may be a little more difficult because you are teaching four students simultaneously.

Our FB group and other sources have collected the following information. You can apply or view general Information on SayABC here.

Positives Of Working At SayABC

  • SayABC is a pleasure to work with, as the teachers get plenty of hours. Also, the curriculum and portal are effective.
  • Because SayABC books classes regularly, you don’t need to be concerned with the class schedule, and they are also very consistent. Teachers reported, on average, having 10 hours a week of teaching work done.
  • Teachers prefer the SayABC platform because it is highly interactive and excellent.
  • A teacher gets around 10 homerooms, and they are great. $15 per lesson is the base pay. You get a bonus of $6 per lesson, and if you take a total of 9 lessons per homeroom, it gives you a $54 bonus.

Negatives of working at SayABC

  • To get schedule flexibility, you need to work for an extended period by providing a fixed class schedule twice a week. Taking many holidays or needing substitute teachers regularly could put you in danger of losing your classes. You need to set your availability before each Wednesday, and scheduling happens every week.

You may be able to set your schedule one week ahead of schedule; however, in that case, SayABC won’t guarantee you your preferred schedule.

  • The other downside is that class assignments do not always come easy, but you will be assigned trial classes in that case.

Selection Process at SayABC







What does the interview process involve?


  • Choose either to book a live-interview or to self-record your Interview
  • At the formal Interview, meet with recruiters in the classroom for a Q&A session and a demo lesson. Make sure that your IT hardware is in good condition.
  • Complete self-study modules to learn about the teaching platform, then meet with an accomplished SayABC instructor for a live mentor session. In this session, you will be an active participant as a student. You work on the practice lesson with your coach and discuss teaching it. It would be beneficial to you if you get helpful hints and feedback from your mentor.
  • You will get a 40-minute assessment class (mock class) of up to four actual students and one rescheduling opportunity.HR would give you a contract and W-9 form if you qualified for the assessment class. For more information, click here.
  • Upload all required documentation to SayABC and get ready to teach!

There will be a live tutoring session with a mentor who has many years of teaching experience with SayABC under the belt. You will be involved as a student. You work on the practice lesson with your mentor and discuss teaching it. It is beneficial to be provided with valuable hints and feedback from your mentor.

1.Go to the teacher portal and complete the registration

Your first step is to create an account on the SayABC portal. After completing the form, go to the next step.

  1. How to arrange an interview?

You will be able to obtain an interview on the console as shown in the previous step. Once you are in the portal, you can discover more information. You have the choice to either book a live Interview or make a self-recorded video on SayABC’s portal.

  • Ensure that you have your time zone correctly set up!

If you are unable to participate in the live Interview, you can submit a pre-recorded introduction video

SayABC allows you to submit a recorded introduction video. You can record an interview as well as a brief demo lesson using the teacher portal.

The video will be assessed by the recruiter, and they will contact you if you qualified at the initial screening level and invite you to join the onboarding process. Despite the inconsistencies in the two interview processes, they claim that you will be subjected to a fair assessment.

Note: When you’re filming, SayABC’s device will automatically identify and assess the consistency of your Internet and device settings.

How does one introduce themselves in the self-intro video?

  • Previously presented sample video links, tips for interviews, and educational materials are given beforehand.
  • A rehearsal room is first built to allow you to practice and acquaint yourself with the various features that SayABC has in it before you start the actual Interview.
  • The maximum number of times this application can be submitted is three times. The last one recorded will be considered for submission.
  • If you want to go from a self-intro video to a live interview, you can contact the Teacher Recruitment Team, they will delete your previous video.

3. Preparation for the Interview

The Interview normally lasts for about 30 minutes and consists of three main sections:

  1. Interview Q&A
  2. IT test
  3. demo and feedback.

The Interview will happen on the SayABC portal.





Put in place an effective learning environment

  • To put it more simply, you would like the interviewer to be on the lookout for quality and award you bonus points for a kid-friendly learning atmosphere.
  • Choose a location that’s quiet and free of distractions
  • Reduce exposure to possible background noise
  • You should decide on and maintain your classroom room space well in advance.
  • A SayABC logo and a teacher name tag should be in the background, according to SayABC recommendations. You should make sure that the SayABC emblem’s screenshot shown above is visible on the camera’s screen.
  • Make the background more compelling by including classroom-related posters (such as an alphabet graphic, a world map, or a whiteboard). But keep the students from being distracted by excessive use of the visual content.

Technical Arrangements

  • Ensure the microphone and webcam are working before the Interview.
  • HD webcam and headset are widely recommended for better video and audio quality.
  • It would help if you used noise-canceling headphones and microphones to improve the sound quality.
  • The Interview will be on the SayABC platform
  • Make sure the Internet connection and quality are operating normally. An Internet-related problem may have disastrous consequences for your online ESL teaching.
  • Strictly speaking, a wired Ethernet link is not needed, but it has a more reliable and quicker internet connection than wifi. But this is subject to the Wifi router’s connectivity. wIFI 802.11n and 802.11ac are considerably faster if you don’t wall the router off. However, 802.11G or older is unlikely to work.
  • Before an interview, double, triple, and then once again, and if appropriate, quadruple check the Internet connection to the web. One of the most critical reasons applicants fail the Interview is that they do not do so.

Dress well and appropriately

You should dress in child-friendly clothing appropriate for a primary school environment. The SayABC recruiters have written this down in their guidelines. Although an online interview means that the interviewer won’t see anything from the waist down, it doesn’t mean that you should only dress up the upper half of your body. In this case, if you need to stand up for something, you are likely to be seen in inappropriate wear.

What kinds of questions are likely to be asked during the Interview?

Listen closely and be attentive to what the recruiter has to say. Your response should be straightforward and concise but not lengthy:

  • A brief introduction of your academic history, work history, and current occupation to help the recruiter understand your level of competence
  • Do you have instructional experience teaching either online or in a traditional classroom?
  • Do you teach online elsewhere?
  • This is not a trick question, because if you let them know, it will save them time and money and help in quicker onboarding.
  • What age ranges do you prefer to teach?
  • Are you working full-time?
  • For the next six months, do you have any plans to travel or take a break of some kind from work?
  • If you want to be employed as a tutor, you must be prepared to commit to teaching the same group of students for upwards of 10 hours per month.
  • Tell me, why did you choose SayABC? Were you working in SayABC before?

The following should be avoided during the Interview or the  class:

  • According to SayABC guidelines, you should stop doing things like checking your phone, yawning, leaning in too close/ walking away from the camera, drinking water constantly, and so on during the Interview.
  • Don’t miss the Interview. Due to time zone changes, keep an eye on the time and be on the clock. China doesn’t have any daylight savings.
  • Be on time for your Interview or classes and no leaving until it is over.
  • There should be absolutely no threatening, disrespectful, or sarcastic comments to students, DaDa staff, or other school personnel.
  • Note: The ESL teaching circle is considerably less than the number you estimate. It is common for ESL recruiters to change companies every year. Be prepared to make amends and assume responsibility for your conduct. You do not want to be identified as a blacklisted person.
  • You must not submit any fake certificates, namely, a degree, a diploma, or a leave slip.
  • There will be no food, smoking, drinking alcohol, or making up in class, nor will there be any teaching under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Don’t leave midway during a lesson.
  • Do not bad mouth the organization you work for.

Prepare for your demo lesson

You will be presenting a mock class to the interviewer as a model class to demonstrate your teaching ability. After booking an appointment, you would be able to access the demo materials. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the class material and teaching framework thoroughly.

Congratulations! Now that you have passed the interview start studying and prepare for the mock class.

If you’ve completed the Interview and the one-on-one session,  the final test is the mock class. The booking page for the mock class will be made available when your IT specifications have been met.

Expectations of the Mock class:

  • Give enough time to learn about the mock class and be assessed by testing it with four actual students.
  • The mock class takes place for forty minutes.
  • The Quality Assurance team will judge it, and the outcome will be known in two business days.
  • Lessons will be posted on the platform 48 hours before the class begins.
  • It is recommended that you arrive at least 5 minutes early to check your equipment and warm-up for students who come early.

Another congratulation, well done! If you pass the mock Interview and the mock class, you will receive your job offer and proceed to onboarding.

The onboarding is the whole interview flow’s last move. You have to set up your new legal and payment records and complete the criminal background check. Once done, you are ready to teach and start making money!

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Main class payment = Base Pay + Completion Incentive

  • Base pay: $15 / 40-minute lesson and class preparation for 5 minutes before class
  • Completion incentive payment: Up to $36/Unit

Free Trial class payment: Base Pay + Conversion Incentive

  • Your base pay: $15 / 40-minute lesson and class preparation for 5 minutes before class
  • Your conversion incentive payment: $8/converted student

Emergency Sub Class Payment (Emergency assignment of a class by Teacher support within 24 hours of the start time, in case the regular Teacher is not available) = Base Pay + Emergency Sub Incentive within 24 hours

  • Your base pay: $15 / 40-minute lesson and class preparation for 5 minutes before class
  • Your emergency sub incentive payment: USD $7/successful conducted class

You can read the guidelines for obtaining incentives in the payments and incentives section below:


Payment Remittance; The salary payment is made on the 15th of every month. For new teachers, the transfers are initiated on the 15th of next month.

Payment Period: The month is considered for that month’s pay.

Payment  Method: Through Wire transfer

Transaction fee: SayABC increases payment for non-US customers by $12 to meet international transaction costs. Please be aware that your institution may bill for receiving US dollars. SayABC is not liable for additional fees charged by the financial institutions.

The day the remittance is deposited in Teacher’s account is determined by the financial institutions’ processing times. It may take 4 to 5 working days for a bank transfer to clear.

If you want to see the job details and reviews of SayABC, click here.

Some tips about how to teach:

  • If you teach 4 pupils, here’s something that you should remember: each student mustn’t be interrupted by the other students.
  • Prevent the sounds or, if required, silence any students’ sound in the background if there is any noise. Mute everyone if you want. Each of the children can always hear himself/herself or the Teacher, but he or she cannot be heard by someone else
  • Even if the parents aren’t paying for private lessons, make sure their child is receiving the attention they deserve, so use their names as much as possible and attempt to correct each student at least once.
  • You won’t be able to hear each child while doing choral drilling. It is nothing to worry about.
  • You should check their mouths and make sure they’re at least paying attention, but individual corrections can be saved for one-on-one tasks.
  • Most importantly, realize that you cannot take time away from three students to punish one. The other three parents will be furious.
  • When one kid isn’t involved, you can gently suggest, “Billy, come join in,” but if he starts kicking and screaming, mute him and go on. You can let the school administration know about it later to speak to the parents. All four students can demand your full attention. Do be aware of the time.
  • When working with multiple students, you can draw each student to the main screen to silences the other students, allowing you to check their pronunciation and make the necessary corrections. Besides, you can mute and disable their mouse at any moment. This is great for minimizing background noise and keeping children’s attention focused.
  • Following the Interview, you will have an hour with a mentor who will explain more to you. After your interaction with the mentor, you teach one real class, which is an evaluation. In your Interview, sometimes you may have to teach one person.
  • You can give 4-5 reward cards to each student, usually for the same activity. You can have some emojis and stars for the younger kids you can hold in front of the camera instead of a secondary reward.

SayABC Intro Video


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