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Guide For Working At Magic Ears

This is a complete guide for those of you that want to work at Magic Ears. If you’ve not already done so use this link to sign up for Magic Ears.

See the full job requirements and school reviews of Magic Ears.

A Summary of Magic Ears’s Teaching Position

  • Magic Ears provides one of the most comprehensive interview prep and training to candidates and teachers.
  • Supportive internal team and teacher community
  • Great cancellation policy if you are sick or unexpected incidents including family emergency and power outage, etc.
  • Magic Ears has a relatively high hiring bar.

Interview Process at Magic Ears

1. Sign Up at Teacher Portal and Submit the Application

It’s pretty straightforward on Magic Ears’ teacher application process. First, you need to create an account on Magic Ears’s portal. Fill out the form and proceed to the interview step.


2. How to Book an Interview?

There are two interview methods

  1. Live interview with a Magic-interviewer: Choosing Method 1
  2. Set your own demo recording classroom: Choosing Method 2

3. Interview Preparation

A great thing about Magic Ears is that it has a comprehensive interview prep materials available in their teacher console and community compare to all the companies out there, so follow the interview tips and score a job with Magic Ears! You’ll able to find all the resources and videos after sign up and log into the teacher portal.

What is the Application Process Like?

Applicants go through the following stages before becoming Magic Ears teachers:

  1. Submit Application
  2. Interview + demo-class
  3. Training
  4. Trial Class
  5. Background check and sign contract
  6. Become a Magic Ears’ teacher


Basic Technical Requirements

  • Internet speed: 20 MB/s for downloading and 5 MB/s for uploading. Cable internet is strongly suggested.
  • System: For now, our platform is not compatible with Chromebook/Linux/iPad;
  • Windows: Win7 or later;
  • MacMac OS X 10.11 or later.
  • Processor: CPU i5 4th Generation, Models with suffix U, M, H, or above (Y will not work well).
  • Memory: 4GB or above.
  • The teaching platform CANNOT run on Chromebook.
  • See the full job requirements and school reviews of Magic Ears.

Prepare for the interview

Get yourself familiarized with the Magic Ears teaching platform. All the interviews and teaching will take place there.

To download the platform software – First, get on the Magic Ears teacher portal then click the Download Platform tab hovering.


You can also find the interview evaluation criteria


What Questions to Expect During the Interview?

The interview typically lasts around 30 min, here’s an example breakdown

  • 5-minute self-introduction and Q&A
  • 8-minute demo class
  • 5-minute feedback. You might able to learn from the interviewer whether you passed or not the demo immediately after.

The training and trial class will take a few weeks after a successful from the interview. This included the background check which took about a week to hear back from Magic Ears.

If you take the self-recording demo path, then there won’t be a live interviewer to conduct the interview, but you will 24 hours to review the class material and record the teaching demo. The recording consists of a similar structure as an in-person interview, a brief self-introduction, and followed by a ten slide on Magic Ears’ teaching platform. Make sure your Internet connection still good because you never know if their platform is testing your Internet connection at the same time!

4. Training + Trial Class after a Successful Interview

Be sure you prepare the training session by reading the teaching manual provided. Here are tips and expectations from the trainer!

  • 1v4 workshop or 1v1 training.
  • Bring at least 2 props but not flashcard, they prefer substances full of variety.
  • Good lighting and background to the teaching environment.
  • The duration of one-on-one is slightly less than an hour.
  • Be animated and passionate

In case you didn’t pass, they will reach out to you via email or skype in 2 business days and provide the help to you based on your performance during the session. Magic Ears will offer another chance to you within 2 weeks. Do not fail the second time, it’s not the end of the world, but you’ll need to wait another 3 months before you can engage them again by starting from the beginning by submitting the application.

Teaching has three bottom lines: noise control, passion-energy, and progress control. Which you can find more explanations on the teacher portal.

5. Teach a Trial Class

This a trial class session that you’ll be handling the real students. You do have a second chance if required, but we all wish you pass the on the first round!

6. Congrats! Time to Sign the Contract

Before finalizing the last step of signing a contract, they’ll proceed with the background check first, which will take about a week.

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What is a standby class?

Standby classes are classes that can be taken by other teachers if the original teacher canceled within 24 hours, was a no-show, or was experiencing technical difficulties.

Is there a booking minimum I must reach?

We have no minimum requirements! However, we highly recommend you open at least 13-15 slots per week to show your commitment to teaching with Magic Ears. (See page 19 for information about Peak Hours.)

When do I get paid?

Payment is sent on the 10th of each month. To be paid on time, sign your payslip before the 8th of the month, ensure your banking information is correct, and use your PayPal account to receive the payment.

PayPal is recommended since it’s usually immediate and there are no fees. You can transfer money directly to your bank account through PayPal with no fee.

We can also deposit it directly into your bank account, but it can take 2-5 days to process your payment and there may be commission fees imposed by your bank.

Teacher Raise System

Peak Carrot Earnings

This system is designed as a way to reward our teachers’ overall performance throughout the contract and recognize the value they bring to Magic Ears and our students. Upon contract renewal, you must have met the baseline threshold (as seen in the chart below) in order to apply your Peak Carrots towards a raise or a bonus.

Raise Thresholds

We will use the ranking at which you taught for the majority of your contract to determine the Peak Carrot raise/bonus threshold.


If you have reached your base pay cap (meaning you will not get a raise upon contract renewal) but have met your longest-held rank’s pay raise threshold, you can cash the Peak Carrots in the ratio of 20:1.
See Magic Ears salary and hourly rate breakdown

vinar dapibus leo.

Interview Demo and Tips for Magic Ears


Record a MagicEars Demo


Pass the Interview

What are the BASIC TEACHING SKILLS that are required?

Proper guidance for better learning


Voice variations & Voice dragging


Interview DEMO


Tips from an interviewer