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Extra Income

Where can I find a little extra income online?

You can make some extra cash by answering surveys, writing content as a freelancer, virtual assisting job, answering emails, help the product or testing, save money from shopping rewards, and other activities. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and please do suggest if we miss anything! Here are the best 10 online jobs. We will keep you posted about the new gigs. Stay tuned!

Freelance Job Sites

Freelancing is the way to go if you like to have the freedom of picking and choosing who you want to work for. Freelancing is not for everyone though so make sure you are well prepared. Keep in mind that some freelancing jobs can turn into full-time jobs if the contractor loves the work you do.


Review: Freelancer is a large site that has been working with online job posters and those seeking employment since 2004. The type of freelance jobs you can find are not only for programming and graphic design, but also marketing, writing, and data entry.

People Per Hour

Review: With People Per Hour you need an appealing profile and projects to attract potential employers. If you are good at making videos, writing, SEO, and other skills then you will need to showcase them for others to look at.


Review: Upwork gets mixed reviews since there are job postings where people want to pay peanuts for your hard work. Navigate away from them and built a solid reputation. Do that and you can be successful and that platform.


Review: Fiverr is a marketplace for digital services platform offer a great variety of online freelance services. There are over 200 categories including but not limited to content marketing, SEO, voice-over artist, graphic design, video editing, and more.


Review: Guru connects experts with potential employers in need of your skills. There are all types of jobs here for you to choose from.


Review: FlexJobs is a job site specializing in the remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs available.

User Testing

Do you like to break things? Maybe you will find it to be fun and exciting to test out various web applications. Take a look at some of the opportunities below and put your fingers and mind to work by providing feedback for various usability tests. Get paid to test websites, phone apps, and other jobs where you help companies fix problems. Many of these jobs will send you an alert when a new test comes up.

User Testing

Review: The name says it all, User Testing is one of the main sites where you get paid to test a website or app. You get paid $10 per test. Some test is restricted to users in the US and Canada.


Review: UserLytics Pays you through PayPal so make sure you have an account. Projects start out around five dollars and some go up to as much as $90. You will work on websites or mobile apps. It is best if you have a newer iPhone, Android phone, or tablet. Many of their projects are in Europe and North America, but they also started to take on projects in South Africa, South East Asia, Japan, China, and a few other countries.

Tutoring & Language Teaching Online

Okay, so maybe you don’t want to teach English online but you’re a teacher at heart. No problem, there are plenty of other websites where you can teach math, science, history, and prepare students for tests.

With many of the sites, you will need to create a profile to attract students. You are able to set your own rates but just make sure that they are within the amount the students will pay. You are in competition with other teachers so keep that in mind.

Teaching English online can be a great job for those of you that like to talk a lot and are good grammar. Admittedly, there’s a good amount of these jobs that only hire people from what they consider native English-speaking countries. The reason for this is because many of the students want to experience speaking the people that have a neutral accent. This is well understood in the industry, but you can still get a job if you are not from native English-speaking countries.

If you are new to teaching online then start here. If you have been teaching online and want to go straight to our advanced search then here you go. Do not forget that we have an extensive guide to help you out as well. If you do not have any sort of certification make sure you read this article on obtaining a TEFL certificate.


Review: Okay, now this is our sweet spot. OETJobs site has a comprehensive list of online English teaching jobs. Each of the jobs OETJobs provides a review and all of the necessary information upfronts for you to make a quick and easy decision. If you are new to teaching English online then start here. Popular online ESL companies like Palfish and iTutorGroup allow you to teach English to students in China. It is easy to use and is available worldwide as long as you have a neutral accent and a good command of English.


Review: Chegg has a decent starting salary of $20 or more per hour. You have the choice of teaching young, older, and college-level students. Some students are professionals as well. Students will make requests in the form of a question. They’re looking for tutors like you that can answer the question and also help them online. Some of the more popular subjects include Calculus, Biology, and Computer Science.

Aim For A

Review: Aim for A has tutoring centers and online tutoring services. They recommended that you have a digital tablet and pen mouse for some of the subjects that you will be teaching. You will need to become familiar with using a whiteboard software system that they use. It appears that they also teach all of their lessons through Skype.


Review: Tutor has a large number of subjects that they teach. To get a job with Tutor you will fill in your application, have a subject exam, mock session, and then if you pass their background check you can start tutoring. It looks like if you are bilingual you have a higher chance of getting a job since they appear to be looking for people with that sort of background.

Social Media Jobs

Do you have a strong social media presence and love to tweet and post on Facebook? You might be a perfect fit for some of the social media jobs below.


Review: Modsquad is a great place to work for if you enjoy engagement on social media. You will work for companies that need comment moderation, customer support, social media specialists, and community moderators.

Khoros (Lithium)

Review: Spredfast and Lithium have teamed up together to create Khoros. At Khoros, you will be supporting some of the largest companies in the world. Positions include social media marketing and management, social customer service, customer support, and management of online communities.


If you enjoy doing simple tasks instead of complex jobs, then take a look at these different websites. Many of these jobs are pusher buttons get a peanut type of work. These are all low-stress type of jobs and ones that most people can handle. Obviously, because of that, the pay is not that high.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Review: Mechanical Turk is part of Amazon and allows you to do what they call Human Intelligence Tasks. Basically, anything that they AI cannot do as of yet.


Review: Micr0Workers is a website that is similar to Mechanical Turk where you will do things like image tagging, proofreading content created by AI, company sentiment analysis, and other simple tasks.


Review: ClickWorker has tasks such as categorizing and tagging, surveys, web research, writing content, and training data through AI. Some of these tasks are a little more difficult than what you see at Mechanical Turk. However, they do pay more when they are more difficult.

Freelance Writing & Content Marketing

Are you good at writing and copywriting? Why not get paid to sit at home creating content for websites and blogs.

Writers Work

Review: Writers Work connects you to thousands of writing jobs available and all of the training, tools, and support you need to land the best writing jobs. There are some general types of jobs available:

General Content: websites need content, including but not limited to landing pages and proofreading/editing services.
Blogging: write interesting blogs for brands all over the country.
Copywriting: in order for companies to compete, they need to have a top-notch sales copy.
Social media posts: help brands promote their social media accounts and connect directly with their customers.

Media Bistro

Review: Media Bistro has a list of jobs for writers, digital marketers, sales, video and other jobs you can do from your home. They have courses as well for those of you that want to improve your skills.


Review: At ProBlogger, you will find a list of high paying jobs for writing blog posts. They expect you to be a high-quality writer so if you are new to writing online do not expect to get a job.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Review: Just like with ProBlogger, Freelance Writing Gigs has jobs for those of you who are talented writers. Make sure that you have a profile of past jobs ready to show potential employers. They will want to review your portfolio before contacting you.


Review: Hirewriters can provide consistent work, but the pay is not always the best. You will have to work your way up to become a top-tier writer. There are jobs posted that you can offer to work on and in other cases, you will be invited to work on jobs.

Blogging Pro

Review: Check out the jobs board on Blogging Pro where you can choose freelance, contract, part-time, full time, and internship positions. Most of the jobs are remote and allow you to live anywhere.


FreelanceWriting is a job aggregation site that makes it easy for you to filter jobs from the multiple writing job sources, including but not limited to, FLW Exclusive, Ed2010, Craigslist, Indeed, and BloggingPro. By subscribing to their weekly digest email, you will receive their automatic “Morning Coffee” eNewsletter featuring new and updated freelance writing jobs that submitted exclusively to FreelanceWriting.com including special writing gigs submitted to FreelanceWriting.com exclusively.

Who Pays Writers?

Review: Who Pays Writers? is an anonymous and crowd-sourced list of which companies pay for freelance writers and mitigate the guessing work of their pay rate and writing criterion. This list is primarily concerned with journalistic writing for publications. They do not collect information about copywriting, advertising, corporate, tech-startup blogs, or sponsored-content assignments.

Voice Over & Recording

Voice-over for advertisement video, animation, audiobook reading, and more.


Review: Voices.com offers you thousands of opportunities to audition for open voice over jobs in multiple industries and diverse projects from around the world in different languages. Including animation, commercial voice over job, voice over a job in your native tongue, and more.

Inter-Continental Fluency

Review: Inter-Continental Fluency Group is looking for native- English speakers to participate in building a database of voice recordings. This language database will assist the development of artificial intelligence by enabling electronic equipment to recognize the English language.


Did you know that you can get paid to answer simple surveys? You might have seen these types of jobs online already. However, these are legit ones not the get rich quick scams. You do not have to invest one dime to start working any of these jobs. If you see other survey jobs that ask you for money upfront, then run away as fast you can.

Prize Rebel

Review: Prize Rebel will pay you through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Walmart cash cards, and iTunes. You can signup using your Facebook account.

SwagBucks – $5 Sign Up Bonus!

Review: Swagbucks is one of the leaders in the get paid to answer a survey job. As stated above it is not offered on a worldwide basis, but does cover many countries.


Review: InstaGC is one of the top ones for online teachers since you can be from and live anywhere in the world. They have a variety of surveys to choose from.


Review: Toluna should automatically direct you to the website version of the country you where you are located. If this does not happen, then your country is probably not supported. This is a survey site and it also pays you for referrals.

Reward Sites

Rewards sites pay you for answering surveys, reading various offers, visiting websites, and through referrals. Some of these listed below are duplicated later in the list. Others are merely some of the best ones out there.

SwagBucks – $5 Sign Up Bonus!

Review: Swagbucks allows you to get paid to search, check out offers, complete surveys, refer friends, and other activities. This is one of the most popular sites. Note: You must live in the United States(and its territories), Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.


Review: The main way to make money on ySense with this site is by taking survey and visiting various websites. This is available worldwide with payments through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and others on this growing list. ySense is the new home for Clixsense members.


Review: InstaGC is available worldwide. You receive gift cards for completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online and searching the web. There is an option to be paid to your bank account, PayPal, or various cryptocurrencies.


Review: With EarnAbly you will receive digital rewards and gift cards by completing offers from over 30 of their partners. This is a worldwide job.

Shopping Rewards

You are probably already shopping online, right? Why not get paid to shop online through legitimate scam free websites? Take a look at these companies that will pay you to browse the web and buy online.


Review: Founded in 2012, Honey is an LA-based company that provides an easy way to save money and get rewards when shopping online. The logic behind is when you shop at any of their 4,000+ participating sites, you’ll earn a percentage back in Honey Gold. Gold is rewarded on the purchase subtotal that can later be redeemed in cash reward in a store card including Amazon gift card.

Rakuten (EBates)

Review: With EBates you will get rewards for shopping online. You can earn up to 25% cashback on your online purchases from more than 1,200 stores. There are no fees and you do not have to turn in any receipts.

Ibotta – $10 Sign Up Bonus

Review: Ibotta is a handy app that pays you for the products that you were normally going to buy or for ones that they suggest. It is only available in the US at this time.

SwagBucks – $5 Sign Up Bonus!

Review: Yes, we keep repeating Swagbucks, but that is because it is a leader in the get paid to shop online sector.

Drop Rewards

Review: Drop Rewards is an app that rewards you for your purchases. You link your credit card to the app so you no longer need to scan receipts like you see with other programs. This offer is only available in the US.


Review: To take advantage of OhmConnect you need to be a customer of PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E. OhmConnect pays you for saving energy. The service was created to offset the effects of dirty power plants by alerting customers when they should save energy. Users receive $100 – $300 per year while helping to save the environment.

Watch Videos

Many people are spending hours each day watching videos online. So the question is, how can I make money watching videos online? Simple, just take a look at these legitimate jobs below.

SwagBucks – $5 Sign Up Bonus!

Review: Yep, Swagbucks is a great place for getting paid to watch videos online.

Search The Internet

Google is a dominant force when it comes to search engines. However, they are not perfect, and neither are companies trying to target online consumers. To facilitate this, you can get paid to search online. Take a look at these jobs below that pay you for your searches on the Internet.


Review: Qmee has a simple browser extension that collects information about your search habits on Google, Amazon, eBay. Walmart, and Target. QMee is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Feature Points

Review: Feature Points pays you to download and try out new apps. Obviously, the point is to get you addicted to the apps! Just try to resist the urge to get lost in one or more of their game apps. This is available worldwide.

Customer Service

There are multiple ways to support customers from inbound calls, online chats, answering questions in forums and responding to support tickets. If you have a willingness to help others and are good at problem-solving then you should check out some of the jobs below.


Review: Teletech focuses on customer service and if you are bilingual that is a bonus. They also have jobs in sales and marketing, jobs for veterans, technology professionals and multiple works at home positions.


Review: Convergys has worldwide operations and employs a large amount of home-based customer service reps. They also hire people for technical support, human resources, and billing services.


Review: Indeed Has a variety of jobs worldwide. They claim to be the world’s number one job site with over 200 million unique visitors each month from over 60 different countries. You can look for jobs on their website or through one of their phone apps. Virtually any job you can think of that’s online can be found through Indeed.

Affiliate Programs

This is at the bottom of the list since many of these programs can be difficult for those just starting out. Affiliate programs are not multilevel marketing programs. There is a clear distinction. There are some affiliate programs that are easy as pie, while most require you put in a ton of effort with no guarantee of a payback.

Wealthy Affiliate

Review: Wealthy Affiliate has been around for a long time and continues to grow in user base and content. You can use Bret’s referral link to try it out. He will chat with you there and provide a helping hand.

Share A Sale

Review: Share a Sale is where we run some of our sidebars ads. This program works best for people who have the US and Canadian customers. They have a long list of products to choose from.

Extra Income Tips

Are We Missing Any Excellent Opportunity? Let us know!

We will be reviewing all of these offers and programs in detail. Stay tuned!