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Abroad ESL Teacher for Beijing Foreign Studies University

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E PLUS Division

E PLUS for K-12 BFSU designs a growing path for 4-18 year-olds by providing courses that build up their competence in three areas (known as the three pillars) – language studies, academic skills and social activities. It aims to prepare them to cope with a cross-cultural environment from both national and global perspectives. Programmes under this division include the ELT series, Classic Chinese and culture series, and camp series. By the year 2017, E PLUS for K-12 BFSU has established 32 campuses in 4 cities (Beijing, Nanjing, Xi’an and Hefei) in China with a total student number over 28,000.


E PLUS North Foreign Language English

E PLUS outside North One good English (formerly the North outside the Youth English) was founded in 2010 Nian 7months, co-founded by Beijing Foreign Studies University and outside the research community, belonging outside North International Education Group, a trusted Chinese K12 International Literacy Education leader . Based on the university perspective and international perspective, E PLUS Beijiao English combines international standards and language acquisition rules effectively, sets a rigorous and scientific teaching system, uses language literacy as the core of teaching, and promotes children’s discipline and humanity. Promote to make children become international talents that embrace globalization.

As of 2018 Nian 6 Yue, E PLUS outside North One good English in Beijing, Nanjing and other places set up 33campuses , its in Beijing 23 campuses nationwide students in reading more than 30,000 people.

E PLUS Beiwai Yijia Learning Tour

“Northern Scholars” relies on the resources of overseas quality cooperative schools in Beiwai and the international education concept of basic education of Beiwai International Education Group. It organizes students to visit historical cities at home and abroad, visits world famous schools, and integrates (PBL) project-based learning concepts. From the aspects of knowledge science, natural appreciation, experience study, inspirational development, red education, culture and recreation, etc., the children’s comprehensive potential is fully stimulated. Cultivate “international Chinese” with humanistic literacy and academic literacy to prepare children for living and learning skills in world-class universities.

Beiwai Scholars adhere to the following “six principles”: based on quality education, improve students’ overall quality; cultivate confidence, establish learning objectives; down-to-earth, specify learning paths; teach students in accordance with their aptitude, stimulate interest in learning; timely feedback, record growth; academic planning, Develop study habits.


WayPal English is based on the university perspective and international vision of Beiwai and FLTRP. With the help of Beiwai International Education College, the educational philosophy and research and development ability of the foreign language youth, the content copyright resources of the FLTRP, the foreign education resources of the British Education, and the excellent information. The Internet technology and operational capabilities have created the concept of “Big Reading” (BIG R). We are committed to reading education as the starting point, and build K12 online English education brand from three aspects: language literacy, subject quality and humanity quality.

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