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Crucial Questions To Ask While Interviewing For An Online English Teaching Position

If you are starting a job in English teaching, it could be too daunting to start working either at an online ESL teaching company in China or an onsite teaching position in foreign countries.

The education company and institute at which you work strongly affects your teaching career. Many crucial considerations are particularly important in negotiations, especially such as wage requirements (base salary, incentive, etc.), pay schedule, and the like. The trick to avoiding many harmful loopholes and sticky scenarios is to ask the correct questions.

If you read through these pointers, you will become better acquainted with the essence of the online English teaching role and the questions you should pose during the interview?

Regarding Class schedule:

  • The class timetable in local time.
  • Does there have to be a minimum level of peak house requirement? Usually, these are regular operating hours: 9 am-12 pm and 5 pm-11 pm (local time)
  • What is the average number of hours a day or week one is supposed to be present?
  • Is it fixed or flexible? What about extending the hours?

Regarding Remuneration:

  • What is the minimum rate of pay?
  • The length of the class session? The class sessions can vary from 25 minutes and an hour.
  • What sort of remuneration will I get if I put in extra hours?
  • Will I have some training?

The Class Curriculum

Smiling multiethnic students standing outdoors, checking college curriculum together
  • Is there a prescribed class-wide curriculum that includes supplemental instructional materials (guidelines, teaching materials, etc.)?
  • What is required in terms of class preparatory work? Is that part of the working hours or an extension of the working hours?
  • When there is no prescribed curriculum, what kind of teacher training do teachers need?

The Type of Class

  • Ask questions on the class size and if it is one-on-one, one-to-many, or one-to-too-many students.
  • The age group of the students, will they be preschoolers, primary school children, college students, and adults?
  • What is the learner level of the students, i.e., Intermediate, advanced, college-level, industry professionals, and so on

The onboarding method and preparation

  • Is onboarding training given in advance, or does the organization expect their recruits to know how to execute the necessary duties until they are onsite?
  • Duration of the training session.
  • Is receiving training compensated?

Resources and assistance

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  • Are there any kinds of resources and support available? To put it another way, how will problems such as technical challenges, teacher-student relationships, and so on be solved.
  • Is there any job advancement or growth prospects in the organization?
  • What are the standards the English teachers expected to fulfill according to the organization? What criterion will you use to assess the teachers’ performance?

Other than questions, it is advised that you do some homework on learning about the organization you are applying to. Check on Google to see how good the comments and ratings are for the institute, use Facebook groups to collect information, or email current teachers who work there to find out their experience.

When goals and outlines are clear, you would be more positioned to avoid or tackle unpredictable incidents, mainly because you’re teaching remotely.

Asking the right questions would get you an in-depth understanding of the organization, as well as the degree of their professionalism. Teaching companies that are strong or experienced will usually be forthcoming with their practices and procedures. And with all the unknowns, there’s no reason to be fearful. Start with the right questions, and you will get the correct answers. You will enjoy the guidance and earn additional money!

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Good luck, and I wish you great success in your English teaching career!

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