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Some useful strategies for increasing your income as an English teacher

Salary rises as you accumulate more years of teaching experience as an ESL teacher. Additionally, there are some things you might do to improve your English teacher’s income as quickly as possible.

Here are some tips for increasing your income as an English teacher:

Here are 5 ways to boost your income as an English teacher:

Improve your qualifications

If you have not yet taken certification exams or obtained other recognized teaching credentials for teaching English as a foreign language, have you considered obtaining a TEFL/TESOL certification? In addition to being mandatory to be hired by many ESL companies online and abroad, teaching certificates often raise pay. It clearly demonstrates that you’ve provided the requisite time and resources and that you have excellent ESL teaching techniques knowledge.


To raise your ESL teaching pay, having a Master’s degree is possible if you have the resources. Due to your degree, you’ll be eligible for courses that require you to teach higher grades, such as graduate classes. When it comes to work and wages at universities around the world, the conditions, hours, and salaries are superior due to a greater expectation of academic qualification.

Be an on-demand mentor for students who need personal assistance

Private tutoring can be performed one-on-one or even in small groups. In the majority of cases, the pay per hour is better for these private sessions than your average ESL teaching job. Additionally, the lessons are conversation-based where you are supposed to have conversations with the student and correct their errors as and when possible. Because of this, tutoring in the private sector doesn’t take as much planning time as teaching a large class. Teaching private students is a wonderful way to gain extra income.


Extra online classes can be given

Try teaching online classes in your spare time as well if you just teach live classes.

Online ESL teaching is rising in popularity due to the rise in demand and the easily accessible nature of technology. Many of the classes require just conversation with your students. In addition to that, you have all of your training materials arranged and supplied by the teaching company. Here, you can continue your research into the numerous benefits of teaching English online, as well as how to increase your income.

When you cut your travel time and preparation time, you gain time for teaching. When you teach, the software lets you access teaching resources on your screen. All you need is a quiet room, secure and high-speed Internet access, as well as a smart laptop/tablet. With our help, thousands of English teachers like you have landed wonderful jobs working online!

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You can sell your teaching materials

You can raise additional money by selling the teaching materials. Your full lesson plans, worksheets, activities, and flashcards can be sold to other ESL instructors. These individuals can be immensely helpful to others while simultaneously making you some extra money.

Alternatively, you might write and sell eBooks that guide others in becoming ESL teachers online or abroad, for example. Others use blogs about their teaching and travel experiences to raise income. In that case, it is most likely that you’ll be posting videos to YouTube, images to Instagram, or posts to a blogging site such as WordPress, Medium, or a similar one. These content-sharing platforms help you earn money if your content is unique and useful to others.

Obtain the status of an Official Speaking Examiner

You can also learn to be an Official Speaking Examiner at institutions like Cambridge or Trinity. Teaching gigs at these types of colleges appear to pay a little bit extra than the usual teaching jobs. To better test students, you’ll require certain credentials as well as some training and experience.

You would definitely have the spare time on weekends to do the job. It lets you comprehend how students are measured and scored in a standardized exam. So, you can tailor your teaching to help the students who have a need for unique test preparation.

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