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Last updated: March 21, 2021

Hello there. Regarding this great discovery that we are using right now called the internet, clarity is one of the most challenging things. We have publicly disclosed that specific products on this website, along with the links to them, are part of the affiliate commission for any purchases from our visitors. However, the matter does not detract from this website’s actual objective and our dedication to educate you until you truly understand about teaching English abroad or online. It would be best to be aware that we need to generate revenue to help continue providing useful information on this site. We encourage you to recommend products that will help others achieve their goals.

Due to the website’s current and future growth, please consider all products here as affiliate recommendations. Even though this is not a big issue, we like to provide full disclosure to our visitors. Bear in mind that “Let’s Teach English” only suggests products currently in use, have been used in the past, have been reviewed or endorsed from reliable resources. Hence, please let us know if you have a specific product to recommend here, and it definitely will provide value to us and others who are trying to achieve common goals.

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